Applipop Pro Pack - make 8 Different Circles

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Pro Pack:

Make 8 Different Circle Sizes: 0.375”, 0.5”, 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”


How do I create perfect circles with APPLIPOPS?

  1. Decide on the size circle you want.

  2. Find one ring that matches that size.

  3. Find the next larger size ring.

  4.  Find a scrap of fabric large enough to cover the hole in the larger ring.

  5. Place the fabric right side down on the larger ring.

  6. Place the smaller ring on top of the fabric and press together.

  7. Cut around the edges of the larger outer ring. Leave a scant 1/4” or less for smallest sizes.

  8. Moisten the seam allowance showing with undiluted liquid starch and push it toward the center of the inner ring with your fingers.

  9. Turn the unit over and run your damp fingers over the top fabric showing, pressing down in a circular motion as you do this further encouraging the underside seam allowance to lay down flat.

  10. Flip the unit over to the back side again.

  11. Press the seam allowance toward the center, not sideways, with a hot dry iron. Notice how even the gathers on the underside are. If you see a bulky pleat, distribute it now. If everything looks perfectly eased in on the back, with no points protruding beyond the inner ring, you are guaranteed to have a perfect circle applique when you pop it out..

  12. Allow to cool completely. You must do this. (We know it is hard to wait!)

  13. Pop out the perfect, turned edge, fabric circle and press straight down from the BACK SIDE FIRST to flatten. Then flip over and press again from the front to flatten even more.