QD's Ruler Work Foot compatible with the Bernina Stitch Regulator -Pre-order Special

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Are you ready, a BSR Compatible Ruler Work Feet!!

I love the idea of ruler work but managing the fabric, ruler and stitch length was just too much.

If you have the Bernina 440 thru to the B880 with the Bernina Stitch Regulator - you are halfway there!

Click HERE to watch the video.

Now, with the new BSR Compatible Ruler Work Foot, we can use Rulers (with outside lines and curves) to make our quilts even more beautiful. 

Limited Time Introductory offer:

$139.00 includes the three feet to attach to your BSR, Amanda Murphy's 'Ultimate Guide to Ruler Work Book' to get you started and free shipping within Canada*.


These accessories are easy to attach to your BSR and even easier to use, check out the video above.

Three sizes - 1/4" from needle, 1/2" from needle and 3/4" from needle

Slot to feed your thread through

Expected Ship Date is no later than the week of July 19th, 2021!!!


Recommended Quilting Rulers include any 1/4" thick ruler that has edges on the OUTSIDE of the ruler.
*Amanda Murphy "Good Measures" Straight Ruler and Curves
*Sew Kind of Wonderful Curvy Ruler Sets
These are just a few......

*If you are outside of Canada - we are happy to ship but reserve the right to surcharge the shipping, we will still subsidize but you may want it it quicker than the 2 month journey via boat.

***NOTE*** This is not manufactured by or sold by Bernina of America or Bernina International. 

It is only available through Hyggeligt in Canada and Quilting Delights in the USA, and not through the Bernina Dealer Network.